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"..Mosaic Commerce is one of the most affordable shopping cart solutions..yet has all the features of much more expensive products.."

Tom Chan
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"..Great design team, wonderful product, and first rate service..Thank's been a real pleasure!.."

Connie Chee
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Mosaic Commerce is part of the Mosaic Suite of Business Applications developed by Etelligence Technologies. Established in 2002, Etelligence Technologies specializes in the development of business software for the Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) market. In these past few years, as many of our clients sought after our services to help them tap into the booming e-commerce industry, we realized that there was a void in affordable, quality e-commerce solutions. Having gained valuable experience and knowledge while developing customized online shopping systems, we shifted focus towards developing a pre-packaged shopping cart solution for the general public. Together with over 30 online businesses, our development team spent over 16 months creating an advance e-commerce software that is not only powerful, but easy than ever to use.

Unlike many developers who approach software design from a strictly technical point of view, our concept when designing Mosaic Commerce was to place usability and user friendliness first. Months were spent gathering requirements from existing online shops, and we studied all the likes and dislikes about the system they were using. Features such as allowing unlimited product images, attribute pricing, real-time shipping calculations, bulk import/export of product catalogs, and loyalty point/e-coupons, were just a few of the features on our customers "wish list" that we've developed. More important than what these features can do to help an e-commerce business succeed, is how easy Mosaic Commerce is to manage. Pain staking steps were taken to ensure that management is both easy and intuitive. We've developed Mosaic Commerce to let businesses concentrate on building success, and eliminate the headaches of hard to master technologies.

At Etelligence Technologies, we know what it takes for businesses to succeed in today's technology driven marketplace. Our innovative software products and dedicated team of professional is the winning combination to give you the edge over your competitors. Call us today!