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"..we saw a 10% increase in sales the first month..thank you for making our store a success!"

William Ellman
Direct Shop Online

"..Mosaic Commerce is one of the most affordable shopping cart solutions..yet has all the features of much more expensive products.."

Tom Chan
Drifting Performance

"..Great design team, wonderful product, and first rate service..Thank's been a real pleasure!.."

Connie Chee
Blossom Footwear, Inc.

Technical Information

Mosaic Commerce is built on top of PHP and MySQL technlogies. PHP is emerging to be one of the most popular web programming language. It is light weight and optimized for speed and memory usage. MySQL is one of deverlopers' top choices for back-end database engine. During the past ten years, MySQL has proven itself to be enterprise worthy meaning that it is just as reliable and robust as any other major commerical databses. Having Mosaic Commerce built on top of PHP and MySQL makes Mosaic Commerce highly extendable and scalable.

Server System Requirements

  • Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
  • Unix/Linux(Recommended)
  • PHP 4.1.0 or higher
  • Apache 1.3.12 or higher or IIS
  • MySQL 3.23xx or higher
  • Zlib
  • FTP chmod ability

Client Software Requirements

  • Internet Explorer 5.1 or higher
  • JavaScript enabled

   Not Mac Compataible

System Architecture

Mosaic Commerce uses standard web technology linking the client machine and server machine together. All the processing are done on the server side. The server simply passes back html page. The client machine only needs to be internet enabled and has a browser installed. You can manage your store virtually everywhere as long as you are connected to internet. Sensitive data are exchanged through secured connection with trusted digital certificate so you don't have to worry about intruder peeking into your data.

Application Architecture

Mosaic Commerce is designed to be highly modularized. You can installed or uninstalled any functional components by simply clicking on mouse key. All Components work under a common framework. So, any new functionalities can be developed quickly without any compatibility issues. At last, modularized architecture allows us to extend and customize for any specific requirement easily.