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For those who are new to selling online, and even experienced store owners, the matter of online payment processing can prove to be very confusing. We have included some must knows about online payment processing, as well as some general pricing information to help guide you. Mosaic Commerce also offers a Full-Service Payment Processing package that will eliminate all the headaches, and we offer one of the lowest rates nationwide - click here for more details.

In order for an online store to take credit card payments, there are a few things that are required:

1. Merchant Account:
Online merchants must first obtain a Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) merchant account. This type of merchant account is the same as that needed by retail stores and restaurants, the only difference is that it allows the transaction to be conducted online instead through a physical credit card terminal. MOTO merchant accounts will also have slightly higher transaction rates than traditional accounts.
2. Online Payment Processing Service (Gateway):
Think of the gateway as a virtual credit card terminal. After an sale has been completed on your shopping cart, this is where the credit card and billing information is sent to and authorized. After successfully completing the payment authorization, the money is then deposited into your checking account. It is extremely important that you select a well-established and reputable gateway service so that there are no delays in the depositing of money into your account.
Typical Fees & Service Charges
Type of Fees Rate
Setup/Application $99 - 600
Monthly Statement $0 - $49
Discount Rate 2.18 - 2.50%
Monthly Gateway Fee $10 - 25
Transaction Fee $.30 - .50
Other Information
Monthly Minimum $20 - 25
Days to transfer 2 - 7days
Dedicated Representative depending on service

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